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this has been a really rough week. i'm glad its over...the upcoming… - Needles [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 30th, 2005|03:41 pm]
[music |beck - the golden age]

this has been a really rough week. i'm glad its over...the upcoming weekend should be good. nothing too exciting going on, except for some serious sox games. i'm pissed that i'm going to miss tomorrows at band practice though. maybe i'll try and catch a rerun of it on nesn. as long as they win one of the next two, the sunday game will mean something so i'll watch that.

went to see beck last night at the fleetboston bank of america harborlights pavillion...it was so badass. i need to delve furthur into beck's catalog...so much good stuff out there. i knew probably 70% of what he played and the rest of the stuff was very good. just burned "mutations" which i've heard really good things about, so i'll give that a listen soon. at one point his whole band was sitting at a dinner table playing percussion with silverware, glasses, and bowls/plates...it's pretty indescribable. it was great. a pretty damn cold night though, but we were lucky the rain didn't come at night. it was torrentially downpouring yesterday during the day but had cleared up by showtime.

so today was an extremely painful day on the T. apparently someone got hit by the redline at park street...scary. it took me forever (it was after 9:15 by the time i got on a braintree train at south station). so i get to quincy adams and then realize the bus i want to get leaves from the previous station, so i go back to quincy center to get it but of course i wait for the T for over 10 minutes and miss the bus by 2 minutes, literally. then i waited about 45 for the next one...didn't get to work until about 11:15...ridiculous.

go sox.

[User Picture]From: ihatecomputors
2005-10-01 12:21 am (UTC)
damn you people in civilization, what with your cable TV and your Eastern Standard Time. I can only watch one of those games and I've got to get up at 9 on a Saturday to do so...
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