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top albums of 2005 so far [Sep. 2nd, 2005|11:50 am]
was just thinking about my favorite albums of the year so far again...

death cab - plans
ben folds - songs for silverman
coldplay- x&y
beck - guerro
foo fighters - in your honor
rane - telescope
nine inch nails - with teeth
new deal - in and around the garden
doves - lost souls
sigur ros - takk
team sleep - self titled
audioslave - out of exile
billy corgan - the future embrace

well that is only three more than 10..and some of those are good but not quite really stuff i'd put on a top 10 list. i also will need to leave space for the upcoming pearl jam album and rane album which will almost certainly make it, since they are my two favorite bands.

at this point i'm really just rambling so i'm going to stop.